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At Infranordix we assist governments and communities to plan, implement structure and execute projects in the area that we operate in.

We design climate sound projects with a low carbon footprint for companies, organizations and governments. We work with local communities, NGOs and other charities around the world with the goal of making lasting changes.

We employ and educate people right where we operate and encourage women and young adults to engage with us through both word-of-mouth but also through massive hiring campaigns.

We drive dialogue across a variety of industries bringing specialized knowledge, best practices and unique insights to government and organizations working in the following industries; infrastructure, mass-scaletree-planting, waste management (bulk and plastic), solarpower solutions, borehole drilling, healthcare, energy and sustainability.

We also have significant experience working for clients in the industries of basic materials and agriculture, business and management, education, environmental toxicological risk assessments, professional service, public safety and security as well as technology.

Our expertise

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Afforestation. Large scale Tree- planting and Water management

Our tree planting division deals with treeplanting for the purpose of giving vast areas a green-boost, creating jobs and sequestering carbondioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere while making economic gains with carbon offsets also known as “carboncredits”.Thus by doing tree-planting on a mass-scale in huge areas would not only make a big difference for the climate but would also boost the economies in the areas affected.

Afforestation has many advantages. In general, the number of both plants and animals will increase in these areas i.e. increasing biodiversity.The energy from the sun which earlier only heated the ground and the atmosphere would instead become fuel aided by the photosynthesis. The trees not only sequester carbondioxide but also act to cool the surrounding area by absorbing the heat from the sun. Africa is situated in an area of the earth which is particularly vulnerable to global warming. The effects thereof will probably elicit longer periods of drought and at a higher frequency than before. Afforestation on a grand scale is theremedy, inouropinion, which could potentially improve the climate in those areas as well as ceasing the desertification.

Another benefit is that afforestation creates jobs and aids the local businesses when done on a big enough scale, exporting climate quotasie, selling carbon credits. This could very well be the product of the future.

Renewable Energy

Our solar divisions aim is to facilitate a green energy transition by enabling grid-connected solarpower panels in aggregates at a low-cost, highquality using the latest that technology can offer. The goal is to create energy that is sustainable, clean and affordable.

We work closely with the communities we operate in to ensure that we protect the environment, the local communities and provide job-opportunities for those who live and work in those areas. We believe that Infranordix can co-create with the organizations, governments and companies we collaborate with, a sustainable world for generations to come.


Our transport and infrastructure division deals with procurements, planning, implementation and education on issues concerning infrastructure. In our group we have people that have been working within the field of bus and train transportation.

We cooperate with the best companies in this field for the latest technologies and equipment.

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